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Jobber Blueprint Live

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Hit your business goals with actionable advice from industry experts

Learn how an irresistible business offering will get you more work and allow you to charge top dollar from home service marketing specialist, Stephen Baker, Owner & CEO of Flex Web Design.

A business offering is simply what you do for customers. “We provide exceptional cleaning services” is an offer. “We will clean your home so well that you could eat off any surface or we’ll give you a full refund” is also an offer. 

One is much more appealing, will get you more people in your door, and will allow you to charge way more. 

In this session, Stephen will show you how to craft an offering so good that people would feel ridiculous saying no. He’ll break down what makes an offering irresistible and show you how to position it in your business so you can immediately reap the rewards.


  • How an irresistible offering benefits your business
  • How to build an offering & variables to consider
  • How to position your offering in your marketing
  • Live Q&A and opportunity to workshop your offerings

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