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In-person Health & Wellness Community

SDX44: Serious Nonsense

Friday, April 19, 2024
11:30am to 1:00pm

J5 Design Studio Edmonton
Tickets are under $20
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Organized by: Skills Society

Serious Nonsense - Service Design needs to lighten up: Play & Curiosity as catalysts for system transformation

Join us to learn how play can be a strategic catalyst for personal growth, development, healing, and resilience, as well as a tool for accelerating impact and remaking the services and experiences that structure our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Service design is at risk of becoming obsolete due to its emphasis on tools and practices over adaptive learning and curiosity.
  • Play is a critical competency for designers to develop and deploy strategically.
  • Play is essential for both detailed design work and personal resiliency in challenging situations.
  • Play works therapeutically for individuals and extrinsically as a system catalyst. The presence of play is evidence of readiness and openness to adaptive transformation.
  • Play is not just an aesthetic or style, but the fundamental process of being alive.
  • Play and curiosity are at the root of creativity. Creativity is what we see, play is the how, and curiosity ignites it.
  • Play offers an actionable approach that supports diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism because it levels the playing field and provides an alternative to oppressive mindsets.

  • J5 Design Studio Edmonton

    10350 102 Ave NW
    Edmonton, AB, T5J 4A1