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Vitreous Film Festival 2024 - "he[art]full"

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2024
5:30pm to 9:30pm

McKernan Baptist Church
Tickets are under $50
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Organized by: Vitreous Film Festival

Vitreous explores how film provokes meaningful changes in perspectives of healthcare. This year, we're celebrating the he[art] of it.

Vitreous Film Festival is dedicated to inspiring changes in perspectives of healthcare and expanding our understanding of patient and practitioner experiences within the field.

The theme "he[art]full" leans into the duality of exploring how art responds to illness and how illness responds to art. Film is its own art medium, and it also holds the capacity to capture other art mediums in a format that changes how we experience the art. What makes a piece of art meaningful, though, is all about the lens we choose to view it through.

Our program will be released on Instagram and our website in the coming weeks. Refreshments will be provided at the event.

Please join us for an evening of film, art, conversation, and heart.

McKernan Baptist Church

11103 76 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, T6G 0J9